Wide Open Exhibit

Discover the vast spaces of our world through the eyes of three distinct artists. On August 25th, a new exhibit comes to Georgetown Art Center. Join contemporary painters Rebecca Bennett, Shawn Camp, and Karen Maness as they take you through their unique interpretations of the Wide Open.  Experience the dichotomy of light and dark, space and scale.  Step into new, vast worlds, and uncover the allure of the infinite.   The Wide Open Exhibit will be open for free to the public from August 25th through September 24th at Georgetown Art Center - 816 South Main Street Georgetown, TX 78626.  Opening Reception: Saturday August 26th from 7-9pm.  Artist Talk: August 27th from 2-4pm at the Georgetown Art Center as they host a free artist talk - open to the public.      ​

Look To the Skies

New work is brewing at Karen Maness’ Rust Red Studio.  Her eyes drawn in wonder of the Texas skies that stretch before her, Maness is creating a new body of work examining the powerful and expansive western sky.  Follow along as she creates her work on Facebook and Instagram. ​


 The Sheffield Education Center and The Barton Springs Conservancy are hosting an exhibition celebrating Barton Springs.   I am honored to have my piece REST selected as a part of this exhibition.  As many an Austinite can attest, once you encounter Barton Springs, you become wrapped in it's solace, beauty, and grandeur.  Barton Springs is the jewel of Austin. REST is my love letter to it.     Join me on Friday, May 12, 2017  5:30-7:00pm for an evening of live music, art, and to experience this wondrous place.  No RSVP Required.  Free and open to the public. The Sheffield Education Center2201 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78704  


L.A. TIMES Book review

How exciting to have my book released and then have an article written about it in the Times(.com)!!!! What a way to kick off a book release!


See the full article here: These Painted Backdrops Brought Life to Classic Hollywood Scenes


Here's an excerpt: 

" To jaded movie goers of a certain age, Hollywood backdrops induced eye rolls and snickers. As painted scenery rolled by outside a moving car or an eerily still vista floated behind an actor, viewers in the know might applaud themselves for seeing the backdrops for what they really were: a two-dimensional world, an optical illusion, proof of a bygone era’s artifice, a reminder on billboard scale that these scenes of the great outdoors were really shot in studios. But as the golden age of Hollywood grows more distant, it’s easier to appreciate the best of these backdrops for the works of art that they really were.


In their new book The Art of the Hollywood Backdrop, Richard M. Isackes and Karen L. Maness celebrate the masterpieces that brought whimsy and gravity to epic films, from the fanciful settings in The Wizard of Oz to the spooky majesty of North By Northwest."

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